Thinking About Big Data? Go For Big Outcomes Instead

Big data

The buzz around big data is deafening but I believe that much of the conversation has missed the point. Big data is not just a technological challenge; it’s a cultural challenge. Collecting and analyzing data is not enough. We need to start with business outcomes to truly leverage big data.

Culture trumping technology was the underlying theme for a recent keynote I gave at Brand Innovators “Big Data Summit”. The value of big data isn’t in dispute. Various consultancy reports show that virtually every campaign can be improved with big data analytics and on average it can be improved by 25%. Despite this potential value, a study involving approximately 1,000 brands revealed that only 10% of them were using big data analytics to make decisions more than 50% of the time. The barriers are cultural.

I invite you to watch my keynote and share your thoughts.

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Originally posted on LinkedIn Today on January 7, 2014.

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