c2mtl 2014: who’s performing the best on social media?

000Published May 29, 2014 by EngagementLabs

The C2MTL conference is taking place this week in Montreal, Canada. The event was conceptualized by Jean-François Bouchard, President of the Montreal advertising and marketing agency, Sid Lee.  Its objective is to celebrate creativity and innovation in commerce in a manner that is “somewhere between genius and insanity”. The end result: a conference that can best be described as a cross between Woodstock and Ted.  Since its inception three years ago, it has become one of the city’s biggest annual attractions. Executives and entrepreneurs from around the world travel to see famous speakers, such as this year’s keynote, Hollywood director James Cameron, or Nobel Prize winning economist, Muhammad Yunus. The event also includes hands-on interactive exhibits, workshops, bike tours, concerts, and more – definitely not your typical business conference.

Using our evalue analytics platform , we’ve been able to rank the above speakers based on their respective unique evalue scores. We chose to analyze Twitter because it has long been recognized as the dominant platform that influencers engage on.


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