CEOs Talk, Dreamers Listen

huffington postPublished May 29, 2014 by The Huffington Post

During day one at C2MTL in Montreal, “a business conference somewhere between genius and insanity,” several multi-milionaires delivered TED-Talk style inspirational speeches to the aspiring moguls in the audience. A few misguided lecturers bored the audience with platitudes, preaching the value of adaptability (change is a constant), innovation (think different) and passion (love what you do and you’ll never . . . snore). And then there were the winners who delivered fresh, inspiring ideas that anyone in business can take to heart, including:

ConnectionJonathan Becher, CMO at SAP, believes in the marketing power of social media, but not in racking up the numbers. Any connection, even online, should be based on shared passions and the honest desire to exchange thoughts and ideas. If you’re using Twitter to push your products and boost your ego, you’re not doing it right. The take-away: Depth of connections outweighs breadth.

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