The Most Influential CMOs On Twitter

7-9-2014 1-19-25 PMPublished July 8, 2014 by Forbes

As the necessity of CMOs’ taking center stage in social media for the sake of their companies–and their personal brands–solidifies, so too do rankings of their stature in the social sphere. The latest is from social-media analytics firm PeerIndex, which has created a list of the most influential big-brand CMOs on Twitter TWTR +2.19% based on PI score. A PI score includes an executive’s activity score, audience score and authority score. “The way that we measure it is around the extent to which people respond to them,” said PeerIndex Founder and CEO Azeem Azhar. That analysis puts GE CMOBeth Comstock, with 35,500 followers, at the top, followed by SAP CMO Jonathan Becher, with almost 13,000 followers. “Having followers doesn’t really matter,” Azhar explained. “What matters is whether when Beth Comstock speaks, do other people engage with her, and who are the people engaging with her?” What’s valuable is the earned engagement that a person gets when active on Twitter, and that’s often predictive of the engagement they will get in the future. “We are measuring the fact that Beth is respected widely, and we can demonstrate that by the level of engagement,” Azhar said.

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