Speedlinking, Jan 2010

Speedlinking on management styles and 2010 predictions:

New research from The Work Foundation suggests that outstanding performance comes from people-centric leadership rather than target-driven, micro-management.  The authors observe that “outstanding leaders are focused on performance but they see people as the means of achieving great performance and themselves as enablers. They don’t seek out the limelight for themselves but challenge, stretch and champion others, giving them the space and support to excel.”

An excerpt from The Contract, a poem by William Ayot: 

And in the end we follow them –
not because we are paid,
not because we might see some advantage,
not because of the things they have accomplished,
not even because of the dreams they dream
but simply because of who they are.

Brian Solis speculates on the Social Network Advertising and Marketing Outlook for 2010.  “The difference between social network advertising and marketing and traditional online campaigns are the ecosystems where engagement is fostered… It’s the difference between shouting at people and speaking with someone.”

And finally, Matt Lawson provides five search marketing predictions for 2010, including that Twitter will emerge as a serious challenger to Google. Translation: location-based services will become increasingly important as smartphones replace the desktop.

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  1. J Schulze February 1, 2010 at 12:36 pm #

    love the poem- true mgmt by influence not power. Now that’s a good manager!

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