Grading My 2010 Resolutions

How did I do with my tongue-in-cheek 2010 New Year’s resolutions? Here’s a report card:

10. Less BlackBerry reading; more blackberry eating
Fail. I read more BlackBerry emails than I ate blackberries.

9.  Avoid 2010 meaning that I traveled to 20 cities on 10 airlines
Partial credit. 16 cities on 6 airlines.

8.  Leverage twitter without becoming a twit
Pass. Many of my tweets were RT’d and I doubled my followers.

7.  Never use the phrase XXX2.0, especially Web2.0
A+. As far as I can remember, I didn’t do this once.

6. Leave time for writing. For fun. On non-work subjects.
Partial credit. I started a few stories but I didn’t finish anything.

5.  Read the Enterprise Irregulars more regularly
Fail. I was inconsistent and went long stretches without reading at all.

4. Make sure my blog isn’t Barely Legible Officious Garbage
Pass. Traffic and comments continued to rise.

3.  A moratorium on rubber chicken dinners at conferences
Success. Fewer conferences, fewer rubber chickens.

2.  Make sure that telepresence isn’t my permanent presence
Pass. After too many 5 AMs at the start of the year, I went cold turkey for many weeks in a row.

1.  End New Year’s resolutions
To be determined. None for 2011, at least.

Overall analysis: I give myself a light green score.

Gauge at Light Green



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