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Can You Prevent or Cure a Hangover?

Since we’ve just gone through the season of excess, I thought I’d do some Web sleuthing to determine alcohol’s economic impact on society. Estimates vary dramatically but a report from the reputable National Institute of Health (NIH) suggests the impact in the U.S. could be more than $100B annually. Regardless of the exact number, the…

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To Do or To Have?

If you had $100 to spend to make yourself happy, would you buy something or spend it on a memorable experience? According to a Cornell paper entitled “To do or to have: That is the question“, the things you own don’t make you as happy as the things you do.  The authors provide three primary…

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Is There No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

While popular wisdom is that any publicity is good publicity, academic research has largely shown negative word of mouth hurts company brand and sales. For example, negative movie reviews decrease box office receipts to the point that Hollywood pundits believe that it is “almost impossible to recover from bad buzz.” As a specific example, Viacom Chairman…

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